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Simplicity at its finest. This smart, intuitive software makes organizing and tracking digital workflow a breeze. Monitor each step of in-house aligner fabrication, number of aligners, materials and software used, and much more. With the ability to customize categories, you can organize and track any digital process in your office. CAStrack is the ultimate clear aligner tracking system, but can be used to track almost anything!
The Story Behind The Software
With the rapid emergence of 3D printing in the dental field, the capabilities of applications to dentistry has exploded. Doctors have used the technology to provide models, retainers, in office aligners, and other dental appliances. 3D printing has provided doctors with the flexibility they have never had before. Although these exciting technologies are very liberating to doctors, one daunting task of integration into the office is the need for a fully customizable, detailed manner to track and monitor each step of the process.

CAStrack software offers a cunning solution to help you manage every step in the process of clear aligner fabrication. Our goal is to relieve the stress and frustration caused by disorganization and lack of detailed tracking. CAStrack allows for the digital workflow integration to become seamless!
Software Highlights of CAStrack
Calendar View
Track Multiple Office Workflows
Detailed Patient Card
Automatic Next Visit Calculator
Multiple Location Tracking
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